Why have a tour guide?

Although exploring a destination on your own is always an option, taking a guided tour offers numerous advantages.

Local tour guides have a very good knowledge of the area’s history, culture and traditions. You don’t have to keep flipping through the guidebook to search for information, as the guide knows all, and it’s his or her job to share it with you. A local guide provides you with inside knowledge, allowing you to uncover hidden gems that you wouldn't otherwise know about, and animating the tour with stories that you won’t find in any guidebook.

A guide will help you get your bearings in a new place, suggesting which sites are the most popular and worthy to see, and putting together a schedule for visiting these locations based on their proximity, so as to make efficient use of your time.

With a guide you won’t have to spend ages trying to decipher a map, or end up getting lost. You don’t have to feel nervous or unsure how to act, as the guide is fluent in the local language and understands the culture.

In short, a guided tour is the most convenient and practical way to take in a foreign destination, saving you time and eliminating unnecessary stress. So, if you want to get the most out of your holiday, take a guided tour.

All our guides are licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority,and they are always enthusiastic, cheerful and ready to answer all your questions.

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