Complete Mdina Walking Tour

Information about the Mdina Walking Tour

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: Mdina Main City Gate (before you enter the city)
  • Ending point: Mdina Main City Gate
  • Notes: comfortable footwear, warm clothing and umbrellas are recommended
  • Mdina, once the capital city of Malta, has had many names throughout its history, but its medieval name describes it best - ‘Città Notabile': the noble city. Built on a plateau in the centre of the island, its Baroque cathedral and magnificent bastions dominate the skyline. A stroll through its narrow streets, which have changed little in the last 1,000 years, is a must for any visitor to Malta.

    The area occupied by Mdina has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age. The Phoenicians and Romans established their own settlements here, but the modern name and layout of the city reflect Arab rule, before the Normans firmly established it as the country's capital. Although the construction of Valletta lessened its importance, a strong earthquake in 1693 led to reconstruction, and a revival of the city. Since that time, Mdina has changed very little.

    Take a journey back in time with our guides on the Mdina Tour, admiring the magnificent palazzos and churches in the city’s unique mix of medieval and baroque styles, as well as the spectacular panoramas from the high bastion walls. You will learn about the colourful history of Mdina and the many sieges it endured, offering shelter and protection to the Maltese population against the frequent pirate attacks; and hear the story of how the Maltese uprising against the French in 1798 started.

    We'll be walking past the most notable sites in Mdina:
    • Vilhena Palace
    • St. Agatha’s Chapel
    • The Banca Giuratale
    • The Mdina Cathedral
    • Palazzo Falzon
    • The Carmelite Church and Priory
    • Palazzo Santa Sofia
    • Greeks Gate
    ...and much more!

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